Lbc Tracking is the official site of lbc Express tracking which is one of the biggest and most famous courier tracking company providing you fast delivery worldwide, especially in the philippine. not only online payment but also providing other services like Cash on delivery, Cash on Pick up, Money Transfer, lbc Sea Cargo Tracking, AfterShip tracking, and many more. Also, you can TrackJRS with your BC and OR numbers.

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Where is Tracking Number?

There is a tracking id that the company provides you by message, Slip or mail to track and trace your courier or parcel. And you can put that id on the above tracking box to get recent details of your package. In case you don’t get the tracking id it is the company’s fault and you can contact your nearest branch and complaint about this Mistake.

Here is a sample of the tracking number 

many people ask the same question that where is the tracking number in lbc receipt so on the top center of lbc waybill there is a reference number or lbc remittance tracking number by which you can track the latest status of your package. so here I attach lbc reference number sample

Lbc Tracking

Delivery time

Most of you ask the same question that how many days lbc takes to deliver your parcel? well, fast delivery is the real beauty of lbc. and we will never compromise on it. There are hundreds of other courier companies likes

but lbc express is the fastest courier company that provides you same-day delivery in the same city and 2 to 3 days to other cities except for holidays(Saturday & Sunday)

Shipping Charges

There are no constant rates for shipping fees. It varies from city to city, size, and weight of your parcel, so in simple words, you can directly visit any lbc branch and ask them to measure the box size and price, they will definitely help you out.

but due to the increasing number of collaborations and sponsorships, the fees of 2023 will be higher than 2021 and 2020

Lbc Promo code and Discount 

lbc provides promo codes and discounts only on some special occasions and events like new year, Christmas, valentine’s, and many other events. because if we provide discounts on a normal day it will become very difficult for us to maintain the same quality and delivery time.

Major branches

Lbc express is growing day by day and has branches almost all over the world. But this is possible that the branch is far away from your home so contact customer service so they will guide you about open hours and nearest branch or you also google it.

Customer Support

As I told you that this is the vast and the largest courier company, their customer service is super fast, if you ever need some help or getting errors in tracking your parcel so you can contact their Hotline Number. (country code) 1800 10 858 5999. This contact number is provided by the company and is available 24/7 for solving customer issues. You can also contact their website tracking.

lbc tracking number invalid

we received a mail that the tracking number is invalid we thought that may be its a glitch but when we investigate we found that it was a fake lbc receipt and it’s a new method of scam so be aware.

Office Hour

Due to Covid-19, our Office hours are changing, continuously so the best way is to use our helpline number, which is the real beauty of Lbc Express. you can directly contact their contact number, so it is easy for you to save your time and energy

Cash on delivery For Buyer (COD)

Nowadays, this growing society needs cash on delivery service(COD) because worldwide e-commerce is getting common and paying first is risky and has lots of chances to get scam so, lbc also introduces COD services so you can safely give money to courier boys and getting your parcel in good condition.

Cash on delivery for seller 

E-Commerce business is the fastest-growing business in this pandemic era, but the main problem was the delivery of the parcel, but now lbc express solved this problem, now sellers can easily become the partner of COD services
there is no Advance Or Security fee

  • Easy to handle 
  • Full details of your parcel to track whether it reached or not 
  • Conventional for both seller and buyer

Cash on Pickup (COP)

lbc Pickup may be a new term for you so let me explain

In COP, the Buyer sets the nearest branch of Lbc Tracking Company, and the seller provides their parcel get money. This is suitable for those who do not want to disclose their home or address.

In the whole process, lbc works as a trader.

Why You Trust us? 

Lbc express is now getting popular all over the world not only for their fast delivery but also for safe delivery, tracking passports, and best customer support, and now there are more than 1300 branches in the philippine and more than 100 branches all over the world. and we will never do anything which will ruin our respect and position.

How can I track my LBC parcel?

To track your lbc express package just put the lbc tracking number in the above box and you will get the latest update of your parcel.

how much time lbc take to deliver?

Lbc takes 2 to 5 working days to deliver your parcel.

Is cod Available in LBC?

Yes, Lbc provides Cash on Delivery (COD) services to its clients because of the increasing number of businesses of eCommerce.

what are the rates of a parcel of lbc Express?

Parcel Rates are depending on weight to weight, city to city, and size to size, there are no constant rates, so it’s better to ask from the nearest branch.

where can we find lbc claim package form?

Now, the recipient can claim the funds at any of our branches or partner remittance centers. 

what is the lbc tracking number format?

the LBC cargo has 12-17 digits for Philippine domestic packages. For International packages, the tracking number usually has 5 numbers.

how to track lbc without tracking number ?

if you lost the tracking number so contact us immediately because there is no way of tracking the package without a tracking number.

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How to track parcel from Lbc Express
How to track parcel from Lbc Express

Lbc tracking is one of the biggest and famous courier tracking companies providing fast delivery worldwide, especially in philippine.