Entrego Tracking

Entrego Tracking – Track and Trace using Entrego

Entrego is a digitally operated complete logistics solutions provider in the Philippines. Track and trace your Entrego shipments’ status using the tool down below. With Entrego Tracking, you can track shipments from major carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

How Do I Track Entrego Package?

To track the Entrego package, you should have the Entrego tracking number. The delivery service will provide you with this information. If you have an email address, you can receive it that way.

Simply enter the tracking number in the tool below. It will show you accurate information about the status of your package on Entrego and is one of the most reliable ways to track and trace your Entrego package.

Entrego customer service

for any company and business, customer service is the main thing by which you can make you can develop trust in a new person who has never used your service and feels insecure because the first impression is the last; their customer support is super reliable if you ever require some help or getting problem in tracking your package so you can reach their Hotline Number or on their customer support email 

[email protected]

Entrego rates

Here is some information on how much it costs to ship a package using Entrego. For each region, we have spit the rates starting from the origin and then broken down the rates according to the package size and area.

entrego rates

Ninjavan Entrego Tracking

Entrego Philippines and Ninja Van are the top courier companies, and both are competitors, but only in the Philippines and countries in Southeast Asia. Most people choose Entrego courier tracking in this competition because Entrego delivery, warehouse, packaging, and Entrego hubs are great solutions for people looking to explore a full Business to Business (B2B) cargo solution.

You can also check and track on 1trackings

Entrego vs Ninjavan: A quick comparison

Entrego and Ninjavan are two popular package delivery services in Southeast Asia. With both services offering reliable deliveries, competitive rates, and tracking options, it can be tough to decide between them. Here’s an overview of both services and how they compare:

Service Coverage

Entrego provides delivery services across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Ninjavan has a presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Both offer good coverage in Southeast Asia.

Delivery Speed

Ninjavan may have an edge with same-day delivery options for time-sensitive deliveries in some areas. Entrego provides next-day deliveries for many locations. For non-urgent deliveries, the delivery times are comparable.

Tracking and Notifications

Entrego and Ninjavan provide tracking services and notifications via email, SMS, or mobile apps. Ninjavan offers slightly more detailed live tracking with periodic location updates.

Rates and Surcharges

Entrego has slightly lower base rates for standard deliveries but charges fuel and location surcharges. Ninjavan has higher base rates but fewer hidden charges. For certain destinations, Ninjavan works out cheaper.

Customer Service

Entrego provides 24/7 customer support via email, phone, and social media. Ninjavan also has round-the-clock support, but some users have complained of delayed responses. Entrego edges ahead when it comes to timely customer service.

Ease of Use

Both platforms are user-friendly, with online booking and tracking options. Entrego’s interface seems a bit more intuitive and streamlined.

1)How many attempts will Entrego deliver?

A maximum of three (3) deliveries will be made to the Receiver.

2)Does Entrego Zalora deliver on weekends?

Our deliveries take place every Monday to Friday from 12 pm to 6 pm.

3)how much are the Entrego shipping fees?

The items sold by ZALORA and those sold by the other vendors have separate delivery prices.

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