LBC Tracking is an online tracking service for LBC Express Tracking, one of the biggest and most popular courier companies providing you with fast delivery worldwide, especially in the Philippines. LBC Express has several services, including online payment, Cash on Delivery (CoD), Cash on Pick up, Money Transfer and Remittance, LBC Sea Cargo Tracking, AfterShip tracking, and many more.

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How to use the LBC tracking tool

  1. Enter the tracking number. If you are unsure where your tracking number is, please scroll down and refer to the section below.
  2. Hit the ‘Track’ button.
  3. Depending on your location, you might see a banner for cookies. Once you have indicated your cookie preferences, you will be shown the status of your package.

Important Note: Sometimes, once you have passed the cookie banner, if you don’t see the status of your package, try again. You should be able to track and trace your package on the second attempt. If you are still facing issues, please get in touch.

Interpreting LBC Tracking Status

If you are having trouble understanding what the tracking status means, please refer to the table below, where we have broken down what each status message indicates:

Tracking StatusMeaning
Shipment has been acceptedThe order for the shipment has been placed at the location specified
Shipment has been receivedA courier dispatch has received the package at the location mentioned
(If you see two or more consecutive messages like these, it means that the order has changed hands and a new courier dispatch team is transporting it)
Shipment is en routeThe order is finally on its way! This is typically also when one can see that the next update will be released in the number of days specified with the status.
Please expect the delivery within the dayThe order is out to be delivered to you, and the LBC dispatch team in your area is on its way to deliver the package.
We tried to deliver your shipment, but the recipient was not present at the given addressAs described, the LBC team attempted to deliver the package, but no one was present at the address mentioned in the order. This is typically when LBC will try to deliver the package again on the next business day.
Delivered to X name on Y dateThe package has been delivered to the recipient! This tracking status also mentions who it was delivered to and what date it was delivered.
Table with the different kinds of LBC tracking status updates and their meaning

Where is the LBC Tracking Number?

There is a tracking ID that LBC Express provides you by message, slip, or mail to track and trace your courier or parcel. You can put that ID on the above tracking box to get recent details of your package. If you don’t get the tracking ID, it is the company’s fault, and you can contact your nearest branch and complain about this mistake.

Here is a sample of the Tracking Number 

It is a commonly asked question: Where is the tracking number in the LBC receipt? So, on the top center of the LBC waybill, there is a 12-digit reference number or LBC remittance tracking number by which you can track the latest status of your package. So here we have attached the LBC reference number sample:

Lbc Tracking

LBC Tracking Philippines

With the track and trace tool on this page, you can track shipments sent through LBC Land Freight, Sea Freight, and Air Freight domestically within the Philippines. You are also able to track money transfers and remittance services for Instant Peso Padala, Cash on Pickup, and Cash on Delivery. Enter the tracking number in the tool to get started!

LBC Express Delivery Time

A frequently asked question is how many days it takes LBC Express to deliver your parcel. The short answer is- it depends. Is the package being shipped domestically? Internationally? Is it being shipped through Sea Freight or Air Freight?

For domestic shipping, delivery times can be as low as 24 hours within the same city and up to 48 hours for shipping between towns.

International shipping depends on the origin and destination of the package. LBC Air Freight’s shipping time can be 7-10 days, while LBC Sea Freight can be 40-60 days. This is still very fast compared to other courier delivery services in the Philippines. Please be mindful of weekends and holidays.

LBC Rates – Shipping Rates for your LBC Express Packages

There are no constant rates for shipping fees. The shipping fees for LBC Express vary from city to city and by the size and weight of your parcel, so in simple words, you can directly visit any LBC branch and ask them to measure the box size and price; they will be happy to help you out.

But due to the increasing number of collaborations and sponsorships, the fees in 2024 will be higher than those in 2021 and 2020

If you want to find out how much it can cost to send a package from your place to its destination, we have put together some useful information. Please navigate to the appropriate page using the links below:

  1. LBC Domestic Shipping Rates – shipping within the Philippines
  2. LBC International Shipping Rates – door-to-door shipping services from 30+ countries across four continents

LBC Promo Codes and Discounts 

LBC Express provides promo codes and discounts only on special occasions and events like New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many others. Because if we provide discounts on a typical day, it will become challenging for us to maintain the same quality and delivery time due to increased demand. Please watch for LBC Express promotions on social media to take advantage of the latest promo codes and discounts available.

Major Overseas Branches

LBC Express is growing rapidly and has branches in over 30 countries and regions worldwide. But the branch may be far from your home, so please contact customer service to find out about the opening hours and the nearest branch. Alternatively, please refer to this page for LBC Branches in California.

Customer Support and Contact Number

Since LBC Express is one of the largest courier companies in the Philippines, their customer service is super fast; if you ever need help or get errors in tracking your parcel, you can contact their Hotline Number. (country code) 1800 10 858 5999. The company provides this contact number and is available 24/7 to solve customer issues.

LBC Tracking Number is Invalid

If you are seeing that the LBC Tracking number is invalid, do not worry- this might be one of two cases-

  1. You have entered the tracking number incorrectly (please make sure to double-check when entering)
  2. The order is new, and the system has not yet updated the information. Please wait and check again in one business day.

Also, we received an e-mail that the tracking number was invalid, and we thought that maybe it was a glitch, but when we investigated, we found that it was a fake LBC receipt and a new scam method, so be aware.

LBC Express Branch Open hours

The business hours can differ from branch to branch and country to country, so the best way is to look up the nearest branch on Google Maps or use the customer service number, which is the real beauty of LBC Express. One can directly contact the hotline number mentioned in the paragraph before, so it is easy for you to save time and energy.

LBC Branch Near Me

In the Philippines, LBC has branches in all 17 regions and most major cities and municipalities, with more than 400 branches in NCR alone. Their network covers urban, rural, and remote areas across the archipelago.

In addition to their physical locations, LBC offers online services and partnerships with other outlets like supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, etc., to widen their reach.

Cash on Delivery For Buyers

Due to the increasing popularity of cash-on-delivery services in the Philippines, LBC Express remains at the forefront of CoD services, working closely with e-commerce companies like and to provide the option and convenience of CoD for their customers. One can now order an item online and select the CoD option, where the customer can track their package and pay for it only when they have received it at their doorstep.

Cash on Delivery for Sellers 

The E-commerce business is the fastest-growing segment in the Philippines, but one of the issues that sellers face is the delivery of the parcel since the geographic reach for sellers is limited to their respective cities or regions. Fortunately, LBC Express has solved this problem. Sellers can now quickly become the partners of CoD services and expand their reach to millions of customers in the Philippines. A bonus is that there are no advance or security fees charged. Some other advantages include:

  • Easy to set up and manage orders
  • Complete details of your parcel when tracking every segment of its journey 
  • Convenience for both sellers and buyers

Cash on Pickup (CoP)

LBC Cash on Pickup may be a new term for you, so let’s understand what it is.

In CoP, the Buyer sets the nearest branch of LBC Tracking Company, and the seller provides their parcel to get money. This suits those who do not want to disclose their home or address. In the whole process, LBC works as a trader.

Frequently Asked Questions – LBC Tracking

LBC Express is now getting popular all over the world not only for their fast delivery but also for safe delivery, tracking passports, and best customer support, and now there are more than 1300 branches in the Philippines and more than 100 branches all over the world.

How can I track my LBC parcel?

To track your lbc express package, just put the LBC tracking number in the above tracking tool, and you will get the latest update on your parcel.

How much time does LBC take to deliver?

LBC Express typically takes 2 to 5 working days to deliver your parcel domestically. International shipping times can depend on the origin and destination of the package and the mode of transport (Sea or Air).

Is Cash on Delivery available at LBC Express?

Yes, LBC Express provides Cash on Delivery (CoD) services and can be used when placing an order on popular e-commerce websites like and

What are the shipping rates for a parcel at LBC Express?

Parcel rates depend on the weight, origin, destination of the parcel, and package dimensions/ size. Since there are no constant rates, it is better to inquire at the nearest branch.

Where can we find the LBC claim package form?

Now, the recipient can claim the funds at any of our branches or partner remittance centers. 

What is the LBC tracking number format?

LBC cargo has 12 digits for the Philippines’ domestic and International packages.

How do you track an LBC Express parcel without a tracking number?

If you lost the tracking number, contact us immediately because there is no way of tracking the package without a tracking number.

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How to track parcel from LBC Express
How to track parcel from LBC Express

To track the parcel from LBC Express, log on to, and enter the tracking number in the tracking tool. Then hit 'track'. You can then see the status of your parcel in greater detail.