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Rivigo Tracking – Track Your Rivigo Courier Easily

Tracking your cargo via Rivigo has never been so convenient!
All you have to do is put the tracking/consignment number in the empty box mentioned below and our tool will track it for you within seconds.
Have a go at it as follows:

What is Rivigo?

Rivigo is an Indian-based logistics company that started its operation back in 2014 with only one goal in mind, i.e., “To make cargo shipping hassle-free!”
Up until now, the company has 70+ pit stops spread widely across India, 200,000+ verified fleet owners, and 5000+ high-tech truck fleets available at its disposal.
Due to the use of high-end technology, the logistics company has completed half-million trips, has reached about 4000+ cities, and has covered about 27965 pin codes already.
Considering all these achievements, the Rivigo Transport facility is already gaining popularity among the netizens after St courier tracking due to its fast-paced delivery system.
The company also offers booking trucks as a whole and has ensured services like live tracking and alerts to ensure peace of mind for small business owners.

How to Use Rivigo Tracking Tool?

The tracking tool is simple and easy to use.
On-screen, you will see an empty box where you’ll have to put your tracking number in it.
Next, simply press the “Enter” button on your keyboard if you are accessing the tool from the desktop.
In the case of mobile, you can tap on the search icon available right beside the tracking number box.
After entering the consignment number, the tool will show you all relevant data of your shipment as per your requirements.

Rivigo Login:

Logging into your Rivigo account can help you with managing and tracking your courier more efficiently.
To log in, simply visit https://zoom.rivigo.com/ and put your credentials, such as email address, phone number, or employee code, into the empty box.
Following it, enter your password and simply click on Login to get access to your account accordingly.

Rivigo Tracking Contact Number

In case you do not know the tracking number of your consignment, you can simply contact Rivigo directly at 18001218966.
To get your queries answered on WhatsApp, kindly contact +91-7428584513.
Furthermore, you can reach out to the company at their official email address to inquire about your queries. The address is [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I track my Rivigo?

Put your tracking number into the above empty box and click on the search icon. Let the tool do its job, and you’ll be able to track all relevant details about your courier without any hassle.

Is Rivigo a good company?

Rivigo is one of the most technologically oriented logistics companies in India currently. Having 4000+ cities covered with 200,000+ fleet owners is no joke. Considering that, the live tracking feature of the company is what makes it a perfect option for in-time cargo shipments. So, it’s, in fact, a good company after all.

What is Rivigo doing?

Rivigo is revolutionizing the logistics scenario by introducing relay trucking in India. The goal of the company is to make logistics safer, faster, and cost-effective via data analysis and technological excellence.  

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