J&T Express

J&T Express

J&T Express is one of the best courier companies in Indonesia and covers all over the world. Recently, the Indonesian government Awarded J&T company as one of their best courier company due to their best service. It’s a Million dollar company with many warehouses in Indonesia and Singapore. J&T Express breaks many records by growing much more rapidly. This company was organized in 2015, and the current owners are Tony Chen and Jet Lee.

J&t tracking

Tracking parcels or packages from J&T is much easier. There is a tracking number on the package or parcel; just copy that number and then Click the below link you will see a box; just put your tracking number there, and you will get all the latest updates of your parcel from there.

J&T Parcel Tracking

J&T express tracking

many tracking companies are providing courier services but J&T leaves every brand due to their fast service and better customer support. Nowadays the real competitors and giants companies are 

  1. ESL Express
  2. Go-send
  3. u-parcel

Customer service

Customer care and service are the real beauty of every brand because the customer is the king. For get better customer service, the best way is to contact the nearest branch but in case concerning the branch is difficult, you can contact their customer care helpline number 


J&T Express Malaysia

J&T also spread in a large number in Malaysia, which is impossible because Malaysia is very civilized and getting famous in civilized areas is difficult but J&T achieved this due to their trust and better services.

J&T Express delivery time

The best part is that it will deliver your parcel within one day, which is the main reason of getting popular and become successful even it will deliver your parcel on holiday (Saturday, Sunday).

first you will be informed that your parcel is on the way by SMS or mail and then you will get your parcel.

Rates and delivery charges

To calculate rates and delivery charges, you have two simple options

one is to get the box to the nearest branch and concern with them, and the other is to go to their official sites and provide the basic details like dimensions, weight, area etc.

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