YunExpress is a Chinese company and famous in Italy. Its a service started just for cross-border ecommerce, not for Mail. It was started by a couple of entrepreneurs who were actually in the e-commerce business years ago . and was sick and tired of the traditional shipping method. so they started this business for e-commerce buyers and sellers

Benefits of YunExpress

Moreover the benefits of Yun Express are it is fast, consistent, and reliable. and everything is in English it has optimized routing and customs And again this a golden path for ecommerce. IN the last few years due to covid-19 and corona e-commerce. business was in hype and beat all the other businesses.

Delivery Time

YunExpress is famous for its fast delivery. if we talked about other companies Yun express is much fast. Mostlymostly its shipping time is 8 to 12 days in big countries and 15 to 25 days to very small countries. in the US it delivers only in 3 days which is also a great shipping service. It’s a gold mine for those who were doing drop shipping and buying or selling from Amazon.

Track parcel from Yun express

Tracking parcel is much easy if you want to track your parcel simply copy your tracking number provided by the company or seller which is mostly a 20 digit number and then open this link and paste it to tracking box you will get all the latest details of your parcel like how far is it or in some cases parcel will be returned to seller due to defect so so here you will get all the latest details.

Yun express contact

For every company, their support and services are the real backbones . Yun express is fulfill in their support whether it’s about refund parcels or parcel tracking it will never disappoint you.

Hotline Number or customer service number is country code (800) 275-8777 and email is

[email protected].

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