How courier tracking sites work?

As the world moves towards the online era, online shopping has become necessary for our hobby. When we order any product, we receive a tracking code from a courier company that allows us to track our parcel. But do you know how courier tracking sites work??

API Method for tracking

These companies are working on the latest technology, API technology. Every company has its API. Sometimes, these companies sell their app to website developers monthly or any plan they want. Sometimes, these companies secure their API so no one can use their API, and they can rank number one and get huge traffic, which they can further sell or use as they wish.


If you are getting good traffic from any Source, you can sell it in many ways like driving it to other blogs, farming any new page, grooming any channel e.t.c

Guest posting

guest posting is the latest way to earn money. It is almost the same as selling traffic or driving your audience to other blogs and charging good money.

low competition 

Making a tracking site is not as simple as writing blogs. You need good practice in coding and CSS, which makes this niche low competitive.

Required less content

The main part of this tool is tracking, so you don’t need to write long articles and good SEO. You just need some investment to develop this tool, or if you are a developer, it’s a gold mine for you.


I think you got your answer about How courier tracking sites work. So, If you are a developer and can develop a basic site you should at least try once because success rates are higher than in other niches

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