Saia Courier Tracking

History of Saia Courier

Saia came into existence in 1924 by a trader named Louis Saia in Houma, Louisiana. The family automobile with the back seats removed was their first “truck.”

They continued to grow over the following 45 years, opening terminals throughout Louisiana and Texas. And before 1986, they were the country’s top LTL carriers. Preston Trucking bought the firm from the Saia family in 1987 and then Preston was acquired by Yellow Corporation along with Saia in 1993. Two years later, they joined with Smalley Transportation, a yellow branch, two years later, and established terminals in North and South Carolina, as well as western Texas. As a consequence, their clients now have access to all 11 southern states that they currently serve. In 2001, Yellow merged its Action Express and WestEx businesses under the Saia brand, expanding their direct service to 21 states and over 100 terminals. Saia and another Yellow Corp. firm, Jevic Transportation, broke out in 2002 to establish SCST, a publicly listed corporation.

SCST sold Jevic Transportation two years later, merged all corporate operations into Saia, and started trading on the NASDAQ under the ticker “SAIA.” In 2007, They announced the purchases of Columbus, Ohio-based The Connection Company and Waunakee, Wisconsin-based Madison Freight Systems, Inc. For the first time in their history, they also had over a billion dollars in gross income in the same year. With the acquisition of The Robart Companies, a Georgia-based corporation that offers non-asset-based truckload service and third-party logistics, Saia extended its capabilities beyond LTL in 2012. In 2015, Linkex Inc 3PL was also bought by Saia.

They have approximately 12,000 employees and run 177 terminals around the nation. They serve Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico, via their network of partners. Saia Logistics Services and LinkEx, two of their operational service groups, offer full transportation and logistics solutions.

Saia Tracking Services

SAIA provides a unique service in which you can track and trace your packages, shipments, and parcels online. For tracking purposes, you need a tracking number, which is provided to you by the company at the time of collection of your package or sent to you via email.
Check Saia LTL Tracking at
Just enter the tracking number in their track and trace tool, and you will be provided with all the details of your freight, shipments, and couriers.

Product and Services

Saia Frights has locations all across the nation. Among the services they provide are:

Custom Solutions

Do you need a one-of-a-kind solution to a supply chain issue? Allow Saia’s Custom Solutions to serve as your one-stop-shop for all of your specialized delivery needs. When standard delivery isn’t enough, you have three choices to meet your specific needs.
• Expedited Delivery
• Expedited Delivery • Non-Business Hours
• Select Delivery

Logistics Services

Saia Logistics Services may be able to manage all or part of your supply chain needs. Their logistics team is made up of people, methods, and technology that will help you and your organization do more with less—more productivity for less money, time, and concern.
They act as consultants, working as an extension of your team to come up with creative solutions to your most tough logistical problems. Their Logistics teams have worked with some of the most well-known companies in the world to keep their logistics process running smoothly.

Distribution & Consolidation Services

Consider combining Saia’s distribution and consolidation solutions with LinkEx’s freight and warehousing solutions to save on inventory, storage, and freight costs while also shortening transit times.
They’ve blended an integrated network of servicing and distributing facilities with their asset-based fleet to help you extend your distribution network.

Guaranteed service

You can count on a solid guarantee service from Saia Guaranteed, which is backed up by a team of logistics experts. You choose the hour, either 12 p.m. or 5 p.m., and they guarantee on-time delivery.

Retail Delivery Assurance

Even the most seasoned supplier may struggle to guarantee that their business meets the requirements of today’s multi-location retailers. That’s why they developed a one-of-a-kind program that relieves the burden of retail must-arrive-by-dates (MABD) while also lowering or eliminating costly charge-back fees.

Cross-Border Shipping (Canada/Mexico)

On Extreme, Saia LTL Freight’s extended service to Mexico is nearing. Their partner airlines run on a regular schedule and provide very competitive transit times. All of the rewards and obligations that come with having a single profession are available to you.
Their enhanced service now goes outside their primary coverage zone of 48 states, enabling you to easily transfer to Canada. They now have 11 interconnection locations, which means less freight is handled, fewer claims are filed, and transit times are reduced. All of the advantages and responsibilities that come with having a single career are available to you.

Offshore Shipping

Because Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico shipping are simpler to assess, Saia employs industry-leading technology for handling and processing to guarantee that your shipment is recognizable and secure from start to finish. All shady containers are delivered by cargo ship to provide the quickest delivery period. Hazardous materials handling certification is available at all sites.

Full Value Coverage

Because your shipment is important, it requires the highest level of security. You may add additional cargo insurance to your purchase with Saia’s Entire Worth Coverage, which covers the full value of your shipment in the event of a claim.
All deliveries originating on a Saia bill of lading are eligible for coverage, including volumetric deliveries and deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.

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