LBC Rush – Delivery times, Rates, and more

LBC Rush is an express delivery service launched by LBC Express in 2023. It is designed to cater the growing needs of customers for a faster alternative to the current service offerings.

Let’s say you want to send some important documents urgently from NCR to Mindanao. Prior to the service, it would take the average courier company in the Philippines between 5-7 business days at the very least- depending on the lead times, this could be even more. Now, with LBC Rush, the delivery time has significantly decreased to 48 hours for the same route.

This is a big win for business owners who are selling through online retailers like since customers won’t need to wait for too long to receive their ordered products.

Of course, the speed and convenience that comes with LBC Rush also means that the costs involved are higher. Let’s look at the rates for LBC Rush in the next section.

LBC Rush Rates

Here is a table showing the rates for LBC Rush. Please remember that these are subject to change and it is always a good habit to check with your nearest LBC branch.

WeightRateBox Fees
NP Large – 3 kg₱ 320₱ 0
KB Mini – 1 kg₱ 200₱ 15
KB Small – 3 kg₱ 320₱ 20
KB Slim – 3 kg₱ 320₱ 20
KB Medium – 5 kg₱ 525₱ 20
NCR – Mindanao / Visayas – LBC Rush Rates table 1
WeightRateBox Fee
KB Large – 10 kg₱ 1050₱ 35
KB XL – 20 kg₱ 2100₱ 60
Minimum charge – 3 kgs₱ 320Own Box
D-1 per kg₱ 105Own Box
NCR – Mindanao / Visayas – LBC Rush Rates table 2
WeightRatesBox Fee
N-Pouch Regular – 1 kg₱ 135₱ 0
N-Pouch XL – 1 kg₱ 180₱ 0
N-Pouch SS – 3 kg₱ 220₱ 0
V-Pouch – 1 kg₱ 230₱ 0
NP Sakto – online₱ 100₱ 0
NP Small – 1 kg₱ 200₱ 0
NCR – Mindanao / Visayas – LBC Rush Rates table 3

Regarding the rates, it is fair to say they are reasonable for the value they bring to the customer – especially if you are running a business.

If we look at the ‘own box’ fee, there is a fee for all the Kiloboxes (KB Mini, KB Small, KB Slim, KB Medium, KB Large, and KB XL).

However, no ‘own box’ fee is associated with N-Pouches, V-Pouches, Sakto Pak, and NP Small. This makes flat rate pricing a better deal than the Kiloboxes if you are shipping items that don’t weigh as much.

How to send a package using LBC Rush – Step-by-Step

Sending a package using LBC Rush is very simple and fast. Please follow the following steps for more details:

  1. Go to the nearest LBC Branch or Book Online

    Visit the nearest LBC Branch and initiate a request for LBC Rush with a customer service associate. Alternatively, one can also book the service online through LBC’s website.

  2. Select the suitable box size.

    Pick the box size that will best fulfill your needs. Refer to the pricing table to compare prices of different box offerings to determine the best deal.

  3. Enter the senders and recipient’s information.

    Fill in the information on who the package is going to be sent to as well as your own details on who is sending the package. Please ensure to double-check once you have completed the form to ensure a smooth delivery process.

  4. Complete your LBC Rush request.

    Finish off by paying for the delivery either at the LBC branch or online, and get your receipt. You can then track and trace your package with the tracking number provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions regarding this service. If you have questions that are not covered by the list below, please get in touch directly with customer support at LBC Express.

How long does it take for LBC Rush to deliver?

The delivery takes less than 48 hours. Please keep in mind that this does not include weekends.

How much does it cost to send a parcel using LBC Rush?

It can take as little as ₱ 135 for a 1 kg N-pouch to as much as ₱ 2,100 plus box fees.

What areas are covered in the service?

One can send packages from NCR to certain areas of Mindanao and Visayas.

What are the prohibited items that cannot be shipped?

Dangerous items like Firearms, Flammable liquids, Explosives, Gas, etc are not allowed. For the complete list, please click here.


LBC Rush brings efficiency speed to ship items fast domestically within the Philippines. Whether you are a working professional, a small business owner, or just someone who needs to send documents across the country urgently, this is the best-suited service for a rapid shipping experience.

As the days go on, the service is expected to expand to cover other regions in the Philippines, bringing convenience to more and more customers in the country.

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