LBC Express International Shipping Rates Background

LBC International Shipping Rates

Are you looking to ship items overseas from the Philippines? As one of the country’s largest logistics companies, LBC Express offers a wide range of international shipping services to destinations across the globe. But how much does it cost to send a package internationally with LBC Express?

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of LBC Express shipping rates for key worldwide destinations. Read on to learn how rates are calculated, see sample costs, and get tips for saving on your international LBC Express shipments.

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LBC Express International Sea Cargo Rates

Outside of the Philippines, LBC Express has Sea Cargo services to over 30 countries and regions. This is a cost-effective option for OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) and the Filipino Diaspora looking to send Balikbayan Boxes who don’t mind longer lead times for a bargain price (as compared to Air Freight).

For an extensive breakdown of LBC Express’s International Sea Cargo Rates, please follow the link below.

LBC Express International Air Cargo Rates

For sending documents and smaller-sized boxes to the Philippines with faster shipping times, LBC’s Air Freight service is a good choice. According to LBC’s new lead times, one can ship their packages to Manila under 4 days from North America, Europe, and the Middle East, and 3 days from South East Asia and Oceania. If you have important documents that need to be sent urgently, this service is a no-brainer.

For a detailed breakdown of LBC’s International Air Cargo Rates, please refer to the article linked below.

LBC International Shipping Map

In the interactive map below, you can find every country in the world where LBC has a presence, either in the form of a physical branch or a shipping partner/agent. After the Philippines, LBC’s largest presence is in the United States, with 125 branches and agents, followed by Canada at 81 and Hong Kong at 30.

How LBC Express Calculates International Shipping Rates

LBC Express determines international shipping rates based on a few key factors:

  • Weight – Rates are heavily influenced by the total weight of your package. The more it weighs, the more you’ll pay.
  • Dimensions – If your package is oversized or oddly shaped, additional dimensional weight charges may apply.
  • Destination – Shipping to farther destinations like Africa or South America will be more expensive than closer ones like Hong Kong.
  • Service Level – LBC Express offers Air and Sea Freight options. Air Freight is faster but costs around 25-70% more.
  • Other Services – Extra services like insurance, boxes, or special handling (pet shipping) add surcharges.

Once these factors are inputted, LBC Express generates a quoted rate with all costs included. Discounts may apply for frequent shippers.

LBC Express International Shipping Rates by Region

Here are some example rate ranges for key destinations when using LBC Express economy or priority service:

United States and Canada

  • Sea: $4.50-$5 USD per pound / $6.15 – $6.80 CAD per pound
  • Air: $6-$7 USD per pound / $8.15 – $9.50 CAD per pound

Australia and New Zealand

  • Sea: $5-$5.50 AUD per kg / $5.50-$6 NZD per kg
  • Air: $7-$8 AUD per kg / $7.50-$9 NZD per kg

United Kingdom and Europe

  • Sea: €4-€5 per kg / £3.50 – £4.50 per kg
  • Air: €6-€7 per kg / £5 – £6 per kg

Middle East and Africa

  • Sea: $5-$6 USD per kg
  • Air: $7-$9 USD per kg

Rates are ultimately based on exact addresses and zip codes, but these price ranges give an idea of estimated costs. Please note that these rates are subject to change, and this webpage might not reflect the actual rates to reflect the latest rates. We will try our best to make sure we make changes to these numbers as soon as we notice a change in shipping rates from LBC Express.

Tips for Saving on International Shipping

Here are some tips to help minimize shipping costs when using LBC Express:

  • Use Sea freight instead of Air when you don’t need fast delivery.
  • Consolidate packages into one larger shipment when possible.
  • Make sure to accurately measure and weigh packages.
  • Pack items efficiently to avoid oversized charges.
  • Inquire about discounts for volume shipments or frequent shippers.
  • Compare LBC Express rates with other couriers like DHL if shipping in bulk.
  • Avoid unnecessary extras like specialized delivery unless required.
  • Track Your Shipment – stay updated about your shipment using our LBC track and trace tool.

LBC Offers Reliable Worldwide Shipping from the Philippines

With door-to-door delivery to over 30 countries and reasonable rates, LBC Express is a top choice for international shipments from the Philippines. Just measure your package properly, select the best service level, and use cost-saving tips to keep your rates low.

Check the LBC Express website to get an instant quote and book your international shipment today!

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